Lumberjack Jobs

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I deliver scripts with CFX Asset Escrow System, those are licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing. Only some parts of them are encrypted. You can still configure alot of things in the open parts and the config file.

Script has 3 different stages (jobs) and all the stages are independent. For example players can only do the wood cutting job and they don't have to continue and finish the rest of the jobs.

Job Requirement
You can set whether players need a profession to be able to the work. You can even set it to require different professions for each of the 3 jobs. For example; 'lumberjack' for tree cutting works, 'operator' for stacking pallet of lumbers and 'driver' for delivery of lumbers. In addition, you can set the grades you want to be able to do the work.

Tree Cutting Works
Script gives the telehandler and the chainsaw to players. chainsaw is automatically given to player's hand when player gets out of vehicle. The player has to go to a tree that can be cut, does all the cutting of the tree, loads the cut wood into the telehandler, leaves the wood in the stand, can cut a new tree without delivering the telehandler if the player wants, the money is paid when the telehandler is delivered.

Stacking Pallet of Lumber Works
Script give forklift to player. Player can park the forklift on a suitable trailer if there are any or can pickup a pallet of lumber with the forklift from stand and loads on a suitable trailer if there are any available. The money is paid when the forklift is delivered.

Delivery of Lumbers Works
The players goes to a construction site of their choice with a truck loaded with pallet of lumbers, delivers the pallet of lumbers and returns the truck to the place where they took it. They receive a fixed fee for the work and an extra fee for the distance of the construction they delivered.