Sumo with Vehicle, Offroad + Platform

15.00 USD

Package Description

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I deliver scripts with CFX Asset Escrow System, those are licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing. Only some parts of them are encrypted. You can still configure alot of things in the open parts and the config file.

  •     The two script is pretty close coded. Only the coordinates and platform is different. They can both wotk at the same time without any issue.
  •     It is directly compatible with esx and qb-core. for other frameworks you need to make a few changes. these are just money payment functions.

How the Script works:

  •     Players will be able to start a game without needing any assistance from admins. They will be able to set the bet amount as they want.
  •     Player is able to select the sumo configurations as he/she wants.
  •     Sumo system will give the cars to the participants automatically. The cars will be deleted and bets will be given to winner teams when sumo is over.
  •     How to determine the winner: When the time is over, the players who are not inside the checkpoint will be eliminated. Last team will be the winner. If noone was inside the last check point, "players who were inside the check point before last one" will be the winner.
  •     The total bet amount is paid equally to the players of the winning team.
  •     If more than one team wins, the money is split equally among the winning teams.
  •     If one of the team mates leaves the game or disconnects from winner team, his/her part of money will be transferred to others.

How to get eliminated from the Sumo:

  •     By not staying inside the check point when the time is over.
  •     By leaving the sumo area. (only at platforms)

In game Sumo Configurations, Menus:

  •     The maximum number of teams?
  •     How many people can join a team?
  •     The time to be given for the preparation of the teams.
  •     How big the first check point will be in the sumo? Each check point will be smaller than last one.
  •     Which cars can be used in sumo?
  •     The participation fees by confirming the sumo?
  •     Set bet amount?
  •     Quick Start
  •     Cancel derby