Package Description

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I deliver scripts with CFX Asset Escrow System, those are licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing. Only some parts of them are encrypted. You can still configure alot of things in the open parts and the config file.

How does "long donkey" works?

  • - The first player has to type the required code to start the game and he/she has to select how many player will play.
  • -┬áPlayers can join the game by pressing E button infront of the game master. This players will be called as "donkey" later on.
  • -┬áJumpers can jump by pressing the E button at the marker one by one.
  • -┬áJumper and the donkey has to spam E button while jumping. If the jumper spams more than donkey everyone will fall down and jumpers will win.
  • -┬áIf donkeys win all the jumping actions noone will fall.
  • -┬áIn this case to be able to determine the winner there will be an "odd or even" game between the first jumper and the first donkey. That's how the winner will be decided.
  • - The game master can abord the game whenever he/she want to by pressing X button.

Things you should know

  • - The animations aren't perfect i know but there are limited animations in GTA V so i did my best with this limited animations. Considering the lag or package loss, jumping animations can sometimes look different/weird on other players.
  • - Maximum number of players can be unlimited but my advice is setting it at three because it doesn't looks realistic. In "config.lua" you can adjust it.
  • - Players can play at the same time in different places without having any trouble.


  • - Works with any framework.
  • - "mythic_notify" is required but you can easyly change it. Explained below: